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In Driverless Trains and with the development of LED Headlights for transportation, headlight reliability as a safety matter for vehicle operators has been significantly advanced with the LED light replacing the filament lamp style.

However, maintaining the integrity of Headlights or visibility safety lights is just as important with LED lighting systems as it is with the filament lamp, perhaps more so.

The 8354 device is designed to be electrically invisible in an LED or Filament Headlight, Ditch light or safety light circuit, yet able to detect and report failed or faulty lights or circuits as they occur. This includes a gradually diminishing output over time from LED light clusters which could go unnoticed compared to a decisive failure occurring with a filament lamp.

With no impediment of output power in Headlight bright or dim mode of filament or LED lights the AD8354 offers individual outputs for remote indication of the real time state for each light and optionally, an independent failsafe common mode fault output if any light fails or degrades in the various modes of operation. This output can be connected to the locomotive's data logger equipment for download and relieves the Driver from having to report these hazardous faults.

In driverless trains or other vehicles this device is essential for the maintenance of visual safety.

Two variations are available: 2 channel for 2 lights 4 channel for 4 lights.

Locomotive / Vehicle Headlight & safety light Integrity Monitor