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Portable Remote Control System

Portable Remote Control System

With deciding to use remote control, the consideration for the safety, reliability and cost benefits factor heavily in the process.  We understand these requirements are critical to a successful business plan. Whether your system is to be portable or fixed within the locomotive, one or two way communication, Air Digital equipment offers many features including:

  • Prudent engineering of each system to satisfy your expectations.

  • Comprehensive testing of the system's safety & operating functions before  delivery.

  • Industry & time proven safety methods covering communication protocol, integrated closed loop feedback and monitoring with multipoint verification of the control /safety command before and after it is executed.

  • Design and development in accordance with IEC 5108 (AS 61508)

Incorporating an ergonomically user friendly Operator's Remote Control Unit designed lightweight for comfort but robust for work, locomotive control functions are created at the operator's fingertips. This will provide for better time management, freedom of movement, significant increase to vision of the area being worked and a decisive awareness to the safety of the task at hand.

Conscious of the demand for radio communication in congested areas, intelligent high speed data transfer and sensitive transceivers promote safe multiple system operation on the single radio frequency without degrading the system's  response time.

Compliance to ERIP  includes those listed in AS4268.2, (2772.1 (EME)), FCC Part 15, European and Canadian standards.

Portable or Fixed Locomotive Remote Control

When you require your Mainline or Switcher Locomotive to be Remote Controlled, you can be assured  that using Air Digital Remote Control Equipment, every consideration is given to the safe control and interlocking of the locomotive's operational state from the moment our equipment is enabled. Not one output command is executed without the individual command being checked as a valid permissive to which the locomotive can respond to safely. After execution, the locomotive is again checked for the correct command response.

Locomotive functions can be controlled easily from the operator's remote control unit including Throttle, Reverser, Dynamic. Brake, Manual. Power, Auto Brake, Ind. Brake, Sand, Headlights, Horn, etc. Integration of  Vigilance makes the locomotive ready for optimal safe economic use.

Distributed Power Features

Train services running push-pull configured locomotives can be controlled in a distributed power fashion using the remote control equipment. This feature allows two systems to combine as a distributed power unit but also revert back to a individual remote control system when required. Air Digital Portable remote control systems can be supplied with this feature.

Portable Remote Control - (Get the maximum from remote control technology)

PLUG & POWER -  Connect up and start propelling your profits.  Freely move the equipment from locomotive to locomotive. Sets up in minutes. No down time of the remote control if the locomotive is being serviced. No installation costs or time.  

Fixed Remote Control

Two way communication is a standard feature of our remote control where  the important details about the locomotive status is provided back to the Operator via a visual display on the operator's remote control. Optional features include:

  • Select-a-speed - fixed speed control - from the remote transmitter, select required speed, and the locomotive will maintain this throughout load out/in processes.

  • Pitch & Catch - Passing control of the Locomotive between operators.